Neatly nestled amongst the beautifully aromatic vineyards of “The Golden Triangle” an area esteemed for producing the world's most delicate and finest cognacs - It was here in Juillac-le-Coq that our family once more ignited the flame of passion.

The founders of
our pioneering spirit

 Guided by the skilful eye of some of the most renowned master blenders, our magnificently rare collection of cognacs are synonymously rich in ritual, inspired by a sublime and illustrious heritage that continues to live on through our craft.

Roger de Saint-Lary de Bellegarde

Appointed Royal Master of the Horse by King Henry III. While he lost favour with the king for seemingly supporting the Huguenots rebels, he was later pardoned by esteemed clergyman Cardinal Richelieu. It was then our Bellegarde ancestors were assigned French Territories overseas.

General Jean-Louis

A former Governor of Port-au-Prince and a direct bloodline to the first Bellegardes to produce Cognac as far back as 1725.


A celebrated diplomat, historian and passionate advocate for peace during the 20th century, Dantes was awarded the “Legion d’Honneur” for his widely recognised contribution to the Haitan independence.

The New

 Two cousins only left with a name decided to regroup and make life changing decision for their family legacy to be known to the world, the new generation of Bellegardes are still committed to striving for social change. Resurrecting their ancestor’s rare savoire faire cognac but with a global brand that pays tribute to the mark their family’s legacy left on the world of today.