Rome de Bellegarde has garnered a reputation for the highest standard of excellence, specialising in a limited edition collection of modern Premium Crus harmoniously blended with rare-aged Eaux de vie.

Our Rome De Bellegarde collection is uniquely crafted with an artistic sensibility and flair – inspiring a new generation of pioneers, luminaries and visionaries.


Rome De Bellegarde
XO Limited Edition

Characterised by its full and powerful fruity notes and extravagant spices, our Limited Edition XO distills the essence of our iconic heritage but brings to the fore a modern freshness of flavour, imbued with lingering hints of sweet vanilla.


The refined liquid is encased in a classically elegant glass decanter that is signed off with our signature emblem. Designed in honour of King Francis’s motto “Nutristic et Extinguish” or “nourish [the good] and extinguish [the bad]”, the mythical salamander is a majestic symbol of the changing times, promising hope, courage and prosperity in the midst of blackened flames.


Delicately plucked from ripened vineyards of the grand champagne terrains, the aromatic, ugni blanc grapes are fermented, distilled twice, placed in a new cask for 3-5 years, then stored in a French oak barrel to awaken its depth and intensity. The time of aging is longer than many of its XO predecessors and can last for many decades, but the result is a 6 eaux de vie that is exceptionally smooth on the palette and can be meticulously blended to ascertain the superior quality that is desired.


The Collection

Rome De Bellegarde

A Belle Époque masterpiece. Discover our Ageless Bottle +Limited Edition Lux Bottle, the first cognac to be bottled by iconic master blender Jean Filloux in 1894. Presented in a truly opulent 24ct gold bottle, this precious blend is recognised and praised around the world for its rarity and prestige, so much so that it has been crowned ‘The most expensive Cognac in the world’ by Guinness World Records.

Rome De Bellegarde
Artist Edition

Discover our Rome de Bellegarde XIII. Reimagined by internationally renowned artist Ghass Rouzkhosh whose expressive skill and artistry is a rare tribute to the supreme quality and unique authenticity of our flavours. Referencing the number 13, it is a familiar motif that is intrinsic to the transcendent nature of his creations. See the press article.