A New Chef Sommelier At La Reserve

Dimitri Nalin is a renown and award winning sommelier who worked with the most distinguished houses.

His interest in the profession peaked when he was working in Australia and living with a French oenologist who would speak passionately about wine and the art of wine-making.
One evening, he decided to join him down into the cellar to sample the choice on the wine rack and found the experience to be truly amazing.   After that night, he bought a selection of books so that he could read up on all that there was to know about becoming a sommelier.

He was the Chef Sommelier for La grande Maison de Pierre Gagnaire in Bordeaux and was recently appointes as the Assistant Chef Sommelier at La Reserve in Paris.

As a founding member and family member for Rome de Bellegarde, Dimitri is supporting the advisory board to enhance their product’s offering.